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What to know before adopting a pet dog

adopting a dog

Considering Adopting a Dog?

Planning on adopting a dog? I know it can be confusing, You might have a lot questions in your mind, and hopefully after reading this article you will have a better idea. A dog can be a great companion, and they love you like no one else can. A lot of people want to have dogs, but do not go for it because it can actually be very tiring. You need to take care of the health, the training, the food, vaccines, which involves time and money. Nonetheless, this price is actually worth it when you have a dog that brings pure happiness and joy… and having someone to give you unconditional love doesn’t really add up to the price you pay for it 🙂

Ok then, let’s discuss the points that you really should consider before you actually take the step of adopting a dog.

Is your family willing? 

 This is an important point. I’m sure that you love dogs, and really want to have one. But what if you don’t have enough time, and your family isn’t really into dogs? Your dog might live a lonely life, and may feel left out. Dogs are emotional creatures, and they can sense love and care easily. There are some dogs who live lonely lives, and unlike us humans, they cannot go out and hit the club. So please, take this responsibility only if you can commit.

Why do you need a dog? 

Sit yourself down, in a nice and quiet place… and ask yourself this – why do i need a dog. Is it because of loneliness? It is because you need a guard dog? Is it because your son or daughter wants a dog? This question, though might sound simple, but can just hit the lights for you.

Can you afford a pet?

Food, grooming, vaccines, licences, spaying, neutering and many other related costs can quickly add up to your spending. Are you sure that you can handle this? Please think it through really well before adopting. If you won’t be able to afford all this, you’ll probably not be able to be able to meet your dog’s expectations. Also you might get yourself into financial trouble. A good suggestion is, that if you’re unsure about this, take some time to be financially a bit more stable and then go for it.

Do you have enough time in your schedule? 

A lot of us work all day – everyday. Think it through how are you going to manage your time? Are you good with managing time for yourself? If you’re not doing so good with yourself, there might be a problem when you get a dog! 

Is it the right time to have a pet?

You must consider what stage of life you’re in right now. Are you a student living in a rented room? Or are you possibly moving out of the country in the next few years? Maybe you are sure about your future plans, and have everything set up. It’s important for you to foresee this, as i’ve seen some families abandon their dogs for such reasons. Please, think this through…

Is your place of living adequate?

An especially relevant point is, where exactly do you live?  Do you have enough space for the dog’s physical needs? It’s important to consider that some active breeds like ‘The Border Collie’ or ‘The Alaskan Malamute’, or ‘The Australian Cattle Dog’, etc might have special needs. Furthermore, you cannot change the dog’s nature.. so please think it over well.

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Tip – How about ask your friend to let you take care of his/her dog for a few days? This way you can get an actual idea 🙂

Finally it’s up to you to decide if you want to adopt a dog. If the above points look good, and you in your heart believe that you can take a little puppy, or even an elder dog into your care – go for it! Having a dog is a beautiful feeling, and something that everyone should get to experience 🙂

Best of luck!


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