Bernese Mountain Dog

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Bernese Mountain Dog: Breed and Characteristics

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog. It’s one of the four major types of Swiss mountain dogs, but with long hair. They were originally used as farm dogs, and to raise cattle. It’s relevant to say that this dog has a deep desire to work… so, they’re especially helpful when you have a farm and need a helping hand. They’ll love it, it’ll rather make them come to life and get happy!

Fun Fact – The Bernese Mountain Dog can pull weight up to 1000 pounds… that’s 10 times his body weight! A big Bernese can even pull weight of a small car!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Nature and Temperament

The Bernese Mountain Dog is usually a friendly dog. They’re great with kids, and love physical activities and playfulness. They are patient dogs. and are quite tolerant when kids climb over them. Much as their playful nature, they are easy to train and are fairly intelligent. Because of their historic upbringing, they fit better in farms and open spaces… as contrary to small apartments.

Just like every other breed, it’s good to train them early. Socializing them, like introducing to other dogs and other humans helps their all round development. Not socializing the dog properly, makes them shy and perhaps even scared, which you should handle responsibly.

Physical Characteristics

You can easily recognize a Bernese by it’s beautiful three-color coat (jet black, brown and white colors). Interestingly, they may have a white marking on their chest – which looks like an inverted cross. Furthermore, take note that they shed a fair lot of fur, but they’re not very hard to groom either. Also, they do have a good potential to gain weight – keep a check on how/what you feed them, and of course, a lot of exercise.

This dog grows up fast, and quickly gets physically more mature than mentally.


Adult Bernese dogs can live happy lives in 2 meals a day, which may comprise of 3-5 cups of dry dog-food.

Note – It’s relevant to say that dogs, just like humans can have different metabolism, body size and nutrition needs. Furthermore, it’s common sense to understand that a physically active dog will require more food than a lazy dog. If your dog has special needs, it’s best that you see a vet and present his special conditions.

Please take good note on how you feed the dog, they have a high potential to get overweight. A good practice is to analyse your dog’s body structure – run your hands on his back, his spine and ribs. While you should be able to feel his bones, spines and ribs.. you’ll get a rough idea if he is getting too fat/skinny. Here’s an article on nutritious dog food.

Bernese Mountain Dog runs

Bernese Mountain Dog running

Tips on buying a Bernese puppy

First of all, if you’re considering buying a Bernese puppy, don’t just look into the internet and rush into buying a puppy online. Try to find a known seller/farm, and most importantly, go and see the puppy. It’s also relevant to meet the parents or just the mother, and therefore get and idea how they have been raised.

While you do this, you’ll get a general idea about what the puppy will grow up into. It goes without saying, that it also depends how you bring the puppy up after you get it.

Life Expectancy

Though we understand that this is not a very kind thing to mention on the blog, but we feel this is important for you to know before you get the dog. Sadly, the Bernese is a short lived breed – like most large breeds. They live usually for 7-9  years, which depends highly on how healthy and happy they are kept.


The Bernese Mountain Dog is an amazing dog. It’s especially going to work out for you, if you live in a farm or a large house, where they can even help you in pulling carts or other objects. Being a happy-go-lucky breed, their friendliness will fill your world with joy and happiness. They’ll protect your kids and family, and mix in well with the family. If the article makes sense to you, go right ahead and get your own Bernese 🙂 All the very best!



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