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Care For Puppy While At Work

care for puppy while at work

How to take care of your puppy while at work

Taking care of a puppy while you work… i know a lot of people who really want to have a puppy, but can’t because of this very reason. First of all, it’s always best to not leave a puppy alone for many hours. It can become very lonely for the puppy, especially at this crucial time in the puppy’s life. So, if you have any opportunity in avoid doing so, it is recommended. We therefore chose to write an article, which can help you doing the right things in this scenario.

You should consider these points first:

  • Are you willing to come back home and clean up the mess that your puppy has possibly made.. “everyday”?
  • Can you find time to come back home to take the puppy to the bathroom? Or is there anyone who can help you with this?
  • Or are you willing to train the puppy to do bathroom in a specific place in your house?
  • Have you made your home safe enough, and made all toxic and dangerous substances out of the puppy’s reach?
  • Depending on the puppy’s age, how are you going to feed the puppy while away?
  • Are you sure this is the right time for you to have a puppy? Are you ready for this commitment?

If the above points sound hard, maybe you should wait for the right time and conditions for you to have a puppy. Most noteworthy, please don’t leave a puppy alone for long hours if the puppy is very young. Remember, you are playing with a life.

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Points to keep in mind when you leave your puppy home alone :

  • Keep the radio or TV on – While you are away, your puppy needs some entertainment. Else, the puppy is going to feel lonely and frustrated. He might even start destroying household stuff. Keep the radio or the TV on.. so the puppy has something to look or listen to.
  • Leave some chew toys – Every puppy and every elder dogs love chew toys. Make sure that you leave behind a plenty of chew toys when away. Dogs and puppies love chewing, and this will be on more then that can keep him occupied when you’re away.
  • Stuff in some treats – One thing that any dog can’t resist – food! This is a neat trick. Stuff in some treats, or freeze dried liver inside the chew toy. Note that you can pierce in some of the food in.. and the puppy may get bits and pieces, but will probably not be able to get the whole piece out. This will keep him occupied!

When you come back home, you can probably extract the remaining pieces of the food, and the puppy is going to love that!

  • Making the dog used to your absence – This is a very important point, and may even sound a little rude. If you treat your puppy with too much love, attention and affection when you’re around… and when you leave, none of it is there. This can make your puppy feel stressed, and feel anxiety. You might need to make the puppy used to being alone, and be happy with his chew toys and the TV. Though this is not very recommended, and not very fair either.. but there can be a thin line that you can draw, and distribute your affection accordingly. Moreover, every puppy and dog has a different nature, which also depends on the breed you have. Keep this point in mind, very carefully.

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Finally, please keep this advice :

  • Please try and give in as much time as possible – get back home, and see the puppy. The puppy will be delighted to see you!
  • Please ensure that the puppy is fed at regular intervals, depending on the age.
  • Please keep a sufficient water supply.

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We hope this was helpful, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Do share on the social media too!

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