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Stop Puppy From Crying All Night

Puppy Crying All Night

How to Stop a Puppy From Crying All Night

Is your puppy crying, and not letting you sleep?

A puppy crying all night. Phew. If you’ve had a puppy, you might know the feeling. First few days for a young puppy are the hardest… both for the owner and the pup. Much as both their worlds change in some way or the other. As for the puppy, he is brought to a whole new world (and a whole new species so to say). While for the owner(s), it’s a new addition to the family. This scares the puppy, especially when left alone.

It’s much as compared to having a newborn. A puppy has such issues in the initial days. While the reasons differ from loneliness, to shock, to just “puppy” reasons… a puppy usually creates cries and whines a lot. Also you should know puppy’s sleep a lot… they’ll usually sleep half the day. Then get up and play with you, then go back to sleep, etc. Consequently, all this ends with time and patience 🙂

Some tips to avoid puppy crying –

  • Keep frozen food stuffed inside chew toys and other toys. This keeps the puppy occupied and busy. And consequently he won’t get time to be upset and cry.
  • Keep his bed/space comfortable – Sometimes, keeping his space covered can reduce sound and light. This makes the puppy feel more comfortable, and helps him to sleep more soundly. If the puppy is not very young, you may allow him to choose his sleeping place… remember, dogs are territorial animals 😉
  • Don’t give too much water before sleep. If the puppy has a full bladder, he eventually will get up at night. Cut off the water about an hour before nap time, and make sure your puppy urinates before sleeping. Keep in mind different breeds have different needs.
  • Get some exercise – Don’t let him doze off before bed time and expect him to sleep peacefully again. Getting your puppy do some exercise can significantly help him sleep better.  Yet no need to run too much, or overdo this either. Some mild exercises do great for the little one!
  • Let him sleep close – Puppies feel vulnerable. Nature gives them this consciousness, such as they feel prone to danger at this age. Keeping the puppy close to you ensures he is safe and secure. (Remember to change this habit as soon as the dog accepts the new home)
  • Use music – This might sound strange, but it works. Pet enrichment therapy by people like Sue Raimond has been known to work great for pets. This means that soothing music could ease your puppy’s mental state.

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We advice to train your puppy from young. Some simple tricks like teaching your puppy to come when called, or “sit” or “stay” are great!

These tips will definitely help a lot. However if you have a question, please leave a comment below.

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