Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dangerous dog breeds

Dangerous Dog Breed List

A List Of Dangerous Dog Breeds that are more likely to turn

Here is a list of dog breeds known to be more dangerous than others. Please note, this list does not mean the following dogs are always ferocious or untrustworthy…

All dogs can behave and live in harmony if treated right, and trained right.

Although dogs are loving animals, they are known to be forming their own packs or groups. They might consider an outsider as a threat, hence may show aggressive behavior. So, this is just how their animal nature is.. you can’t fight it or change it. Rather, we must accept these animals for who they are and learn how to avoid trouble.

Here’s The List :

10.) Great Dane

great dane dog

Great Danes are enormous dogs, and can get your attention quickly because of their unusual size. The Great Dane is usually a noble dog and mild-mannered.  They are known to show aggression when left alone too much, or when not socialized properly.

9.) Presa Canario

presa canario

These dogs weigh around 130 pounds, and make excellent guard dogs. The Presa Canario was originally working with Livestock. Furthermore, they were used hunting and for wars during the 18th century. They are fearless, and powerful dogs.. not the kind you want to mess with 😉

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8.) Chow Chow

chow chow dog

Surprised to see this dog here? This cute and chubby looking dog was originally bred for hunting. They also were used as shepherd dogs back in the days. Chow Chows are usually stubborn dogs, and it’s a good idea to socialize them since they are young. It’s not a good idea to touch these dogs if they don’t recognize you.

Fun fact about Chow Chows – These are the only dog breed they may have purplish tongue and lips 🙂

7.) Boxer

boxer dogs

The first impression it gives is ‘aggression’, as this dog has a very grumpy face. Consequently a lot of people get scared of this breed. Noteworthy, the nature of this dog is not so aggressive. They are extremely energetic dogs, and need a lot of exercise and attention. Also, this dog has one of the most powerful head, and a strong jawline.

6.) Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher dog

Probably the most popular guard dogs around. They are known for their loyalty, intelligence and their sharp intelligence. They also serve as hard working police dogs. Doberman’s ears are exclusively sensitive, and as a result can hear sounds from about 25o yards away (quite impressive). This breed is not very welcoming to strangers.

5.) Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute dog

A lot of people confuse between Huskies and Malamutes. Probably because they actually look very similar. The Alaskan Malamute is bigger, stronger and has an extra layer of fur. As a result, their exercise and training needs are very high. If failed to proper exercise, they may start destroying stuff in your house.

4.) Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky dog

This wolf like dog is very energetic, and consequently has high training requirements. They were originally used as sledge dogs. If not trained properly, they will show aggressive behavior. They are friendly towards children, and are loyal to their families.. but again, please train them properly. In the last 20 years, 15 people have been killed by Huskies.

3.) German Shepherds

German Shepherds

They are famous for being excellent guard dogs, and have a high number in being police dogs. Their loyalty is impeccable, and they will not hesitate to take a bullet for you. Having that said, it can turn into a dangerous beast if not treated right.

2.) Rottweilers

Rottweiler Dog

Rottweilers probably have the strongest bite among all dogs. They have a bad reputation of being aggressive dogs, but most owners find them very loyal and loving. Apparently, a huge part is how you treat and train your dog. This is not a family dog, it’s a worker dog and therefore needs a lot of training in the correct manner.

1.) Pit Bull

Pit bull dog

The Pit Bull has an extremely nasty reputation, and as a result some people are terrified by the very sight of it. This breed has the highest human death rate. Most noteworthy, some USA state Governments have banned breeding them (more info). On the contrary, most Pit Bull owners find this dog very loving and caring. In conclusion, if you plan to own this dog, please be responsible about it’s training.

Fact – Pit Bulls are often used in some places for illegal dog fights.

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