Signs Of Dog Depression

signs of dog depression

Is your Dog Depressed?

Below are some points that might tell if your beloved dog is undergoing depression


Depression can be fairly common with us human beings. Moreover it’s rather easier to tell if your friend or a family member is not going through a very good time in their lives. For Dogs, there has not been too much scientific studies done on this topic but they do feel depressed at times.

There are ways to understand the behavior of your K9. This again depends from dog to dog, as they too have difference in personalities. Some dogs might be more emotional than others, and can fight depression much better than others.

Following are some points that you might need to have a look at –

  • Excessive sleep – We already know that Dogs sleep a lot. During the daytime, when you’re working or playing… they love to sleep.  But if you feel any strange behavior, like sleeping just way too much. First, check if the dog is physically well or not – if he’s well, then you might need to be a little concerned.
  • Loss of interest – You know your dog better than anyone. If you feel the dog is being dull than usual, and is not excited when he sees you, or does not show the usual interest in going out for a walk – there might be a sign of depression.
  • Change of Appetite – Dogs love to munch. I had this one Golden Retriever, and she just never stopped eating. But when depressed, she wouldn’t even look at food at all. Some Dogs do that when extremely sad, and might lose a lot of weight. On the other hand, some Dogs might take the other approach and might eat too much in such a mood.
  • Licking the paw – Depressed dogs are often found licking their paws too much, and it is a sign of depression.

We can’t really give you a solution to cure your dogs depression, as it comes from the reason why he is depressed on the first place. The reason may be a death in the family, or even a fellow dog dying. It may be that dog has been abused in some way, or some other reason.

The best you can probably do is to spend time with the Dog,  try to be with him and love him. Also, you must look at signs that makes your dog happy. For example, does a nice walk outside make his feel better? Go Ahead! Take him out!

If the behavior persists, seek professional help. There are medications that can help your dog, if the situation is intense.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and i will try my best to help.

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