Grass – why dogs eat it

why my dog is eating grass

My Dog is eating grass

Grass Obsession for dogs –  Reasons

Have you seen your dog eat grass like a weirdo sometimes (.. and then possibly throw up)? I’m sure it concerns you, about what exactly is he trying to do, and will it have any harmful effects.

Infact, in a survey it was found that grass is the most commonly eaten plants by your furry friend. As a matter of fact, dogs do not have the digestive enzymes to break down grass. Let’s look at the possible reasons why he is eating up all those green goodies.


The Reasons

1.) Self Medication –  This is the most likely reason for your dog’s green mood. Your dog might be feeling that he’s not doing that well with his tummy. Some researchers believe that dogs do this for curing their stomach inflammation, or some other stomach related problems. Though most stomach/digestion related issues are easily curable if you take your doggy to your vet, but dogs can’t talks right? Please take a close look at his habits, and see if you feel something is wrong. If you feel you should visit a vet – do not hesitate.


2.) Ancestral Instincts – Dogs have survived through rough ages in the past, and they have made their way up here till today. They are a successful product of evolution and they still carry their past ancestral habits with them. There is a theory which says that in order to hunt for food, and to protect their pack and their young ones, dogs might be eating the grass to cancel out the scent they’ve given from their body and urine.


3.) He’s just dogging 😐 – Ok then, here we come back to point blank again. Your pooch just might be so bored that he prefers to take a bite on the darn grass itself. Trust me, it happens. Of all the dogs i’ve had, when i turn back the pages in time – my pooches have eaten all kinds of weird stuff – ranging from a dead bird to empty cigarette lighters (.. and beyond).

But here is a simple solution to this – give him a chew toy. Take him out for a walk… do a playful activity. And also, do ask yourself this too – Have you recently not been giving enough time to your dog?


Usually grass eating does not do any harm to the dog (if the grass does not contain any harmful chemicals). As usual, this is just a general coverage of the topic, if you have a special case you must visit your pet.

Thanks for the read!

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