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Why does your dog look at you when he poops

dog poops

So, your dog is looking at you while pooping

Wanna know why he looks while he poops?

It happens to every dog while he poops. While you’re taking him out on a nice walk, he finds a suitable place to lay down his dump, you might have noticed that he looks at you in a peculiar way. I do get a strange feeling when he does that. Actually, he’s not embarrassed and want you to look away, there is much more science, and nature to it!

Dogs have evolved to be more alert in these time, because they are vulnerable to be attacked. At this time, he is kind of defenseless. He knows that he cannot defend himself from an attack, or run for his life while he has his poop making it way out 😛

It actually is a very good sign that the dog looks at you while doing the deed. He is in a way asking you to “watch his back”. It’s a sign of trust, and means that your dog considers you trustworthy and is letting you guard him in this vulnerable position. Cute isn’t it? 🙂

You might even test this, by suddenly moving away, and your dog will definitely respond to this act. He will get a stimulus that there might be a danger, and might just stop doing the deed and might look around for any threats. This further backs the truth, by the fact that dogs are territorial animals. At the time, he is not in his own territory, and he has to keep alert in a vulnerable position. It’a a natural instinct.

You as the owner must comply with this natural instinct, and try not to startle him in this moment. He does trust you with all his heart. Let’s be the smart human, and let’s follow the nature’s way. Make your dog feel secure that you’re got his back, while he poops peacefully 🙂

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