My Dog Pulls on Leash Too Much

Dog pulls leash too much

Dog Pull on Leash Too Much

Understanding, and how to stop leash pulling

So, your furry friend is pulling on the leash too much. I’m going to share a couple of key reasons, as to why your dog behaves this way. I’ve seen way too many people ask me this, and i’ve seen it on the street all the time. It almost seems like some dogs walk their humans, rather than the other way around. A bit funny actually, unless you are that person him/herself.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this behavior has a lot to do with how you understand your dog. The methods i will discuss use absolutely no aggression, force or strength. And, it can be quite useful for women, for whom it is a little harder.

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The Basics

First of all, you need to understand. If your dog does not consider you as the pack leader, he will never let you guide him. If your dog is not listening to you at home, he surely won’t follow your lead outside too. The science here, is that your dog is not trying to disrespect you. Instead, he probably just considers you as a pack-member.. and not a pack-leader. I can’t stress enough on how important this is. In terms of your overall relationship with your dog, and the happiness of you both while in this relationship.

Now, there are a lot of ways that you can overcome this problem. You might even find your own sweet way to solve this. I, however in this article am going to focus on the leash.

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Hyperactive dog

The Steps

  1. Let’s take it from the start. If you are trying to put the leash on the dog, and he is not letting you. Then maybe you should stop forcing, and let the dog calm down. Don’t use aggression, please.
  2. Once you have put the leash on, and the dog still shows a hyperactive behavior – take time and let him calm down.
  3. Going to an extreme, if the dog just does not calm down. Then take the leash of… let the dog do what he wants and try another time.
  4. When you have the lash on, and the dog is calm, try to walk around inside the house. Here, you should try and change directions. Do something that makes the dog feel that you’re the one in charge. Believe it, the dog wants a pack leader.
  5. You can try and use the trees, or plants inside the house to change directions. Use furniture or household items to make path where you’d like to walk.
  6. By this time, you should know if the dog is responding to you or not. If the dog is responding, you can now try and move towards the main door.
  7. Study your dog’s reactions as you move in. Is he going all hyper again? Point the leash to another direction. Go near the gate, and then around. Go inside the house and then back near the gate.
  8. You can repeat the process, for as long as you feel satisfied that the dog in indeed letting you take the lead.
  9. Feel confident? Let’s go out now. Here you’re trying to give the impression that outside is no different to inside. You’re still the pack leader, and the one in control.
  10. By these steps you should see a significant change in your dog’s behavior.

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A dog pulling too much leash can happen due to many reasons. But all of them usually revolve around one – The owner is not being the pack leader. If you follow the above steps and use them correctly, i guarantee that you will see an improvement. Lastly, please don’t use force with your dog, it has never solved anything; and it won’t solve today either.

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