Dog Scared of Thunder: What You Should Know

Dogs and thunder

Is Your Dog Scared of Thunder

Thunder and lightning, one of the scariest things to some dogs. It’s important to note, that this anxiety differs in every Dog… some just can’t bear it, while others handle it better. Here’s an article explaining about Loud Sounds and Dogs.

I’ve seen some dogs really get crazy with Thunder and lightning. In addition to this, most owners do not know how to handle this. As a result it makes a very confusion situation, for everyone.

This fear, or anxiety is quite high in some dogs and they might actually hurt themselves. One way of understanding this is – Dogs feel that this is doomsday. Instinctively, they feel the threat is so high that it can kill. They’re going to run for their lives, and consequently this causes accidents. Broken paws, running into something, falling, broken teeth are just to name a few.

In addition to this, anxiety causes dogs to chew. You don’t want your favorite shoes to be eaten by Rover, do you? Or he just may run into your mom’s favorite vase, and *eeek*.

Here are some Handy Tips for you –

1.) Do not get angry

Probably the worst thing to do in this situation, or any situation really. On one hand, your dog has no idea why the sky is falling apart and then he’s punished for getting scared. You’re simply confusing the dog by such actions. I do understand, if you’re doing something important, this might startle you. But please be patient, and take the ownership of being your dog’s leader.

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2.) Use a Crate

This is one of the best solutions i’ve come across, and it works for most dogs. A crate rather gives the dog a feeling of security, and helps him calm down. It’s always a good idea to get your dogs used to crates, and a great help when travelling.

dog in a crate

3.) Stopping the Electromagnetic Radiation

Believe it or not, the electromagnetic radiations emitted by lightning can spark fear your dog. Though these waves don’t harm, but the do provoke fear in dogs. The best way to handle this is, to coat the crate with a double layer of aluminium foil – this deflects the electromagnetic radiation.

4.) Using Simple Music

Remember, the major reason why your dog is scared is – because of the sound. So, if you can stop your dog from concentrating on that scary lightning, that is going to help. Any soothing, and mild to normal music would do just fine. Here is an example of a nice track –

5.) Food and Treats

If you have a Golden Retriever, or a Labrador.. this trick will work very well! Continuing the same logic of using music, you can also divert your dog’s mind from the thunder by treats. If you’ll show him something interesting to eat, this can temporarily take Rover’s mind off.

6.) Keeping him in a place away from the Thunder

You can’t stop the thunder sound completely, but the idea here is to reduce it as much as possible. Instead of keeping him in the garage, or an outfacing room.. maybe keeping him in a closed inner room is better. Alternatively, you might consider using Dog Ear plugs or Hearing Protection.

7.) Drugs

Though i personally don’t believe avoiding drugs as much as possible, but if your Dog’s behavior is getting out of control.. you might consider contacting your Vet and asking the medication. Some mild natural medications include –

  • Lavender Oil
  • Bach Flower extracts

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8.) Reward calm behavior

When your dog shows improvements in staying calm – reward him! Maybe with a couple of treats or gentle belly rubs. Furthermore, your dog can smell how you feel – his nose is designed to interpret hormonal related activities. So, if you show a positive attitude when your dog shows good behavior, he will know what you’re trying to encourage.

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