My Dog is scared of water

dog scared of shower

Is your Dog scared of getting into water?

Are you trying to give your dog a bath, and he is running away?


We know Dogs are good swimmers.. and they are naturally capable of just swimming in water. But how about, when you try to give your pooch a bath, and he starts acting all desperate? Relax, it’s perfectly normal. That’s just how dogs are.

I’ll share with you some factors that can save you some trouble of getting your dog take a bath, or getting into the water.

Show a positive attitude – This is by far the most important point. If you yourself are going to act aggressive, and show a threatening vibe, your dog is going to get more nervous. He might even see this as a threat. You have to keep a positive body language, and not force the dog. You will see your dog will cooperate with time.


The right temperature of water – Ok, Dogs naturally can’t take showers.. and they’re definitely not used to taking a nice hot shower. Ensure that the water is either not too hot or too cold. Keep the water just a little above the room temperature, like lukewarm. A wrong temperature of water might be a reason your Dog doesn’t want to get in.


Make it an activity – Who doesn’t like having fun? Dogs are no exception. Your Dog is like a little child, and if you make bath look like a fun activity, your Dog probably will go along with it. Try to act in a playful manner, bring in his favorite toys, and he might just enjoy it like a game. Maybe you can first take him out for a walk, and change the game to bath time!


Go step by step – Avoid just submerging your pooch into the bathtub, or pouring water on him from a bucket. You can start by washing his paws, and make your way up. This way the Dog will less likely make a shocking run away from the bath! 🙂


The last resort (food) – Ok, if your Dog is seriously not willing to take a shower, and it’s been multiple times you’ve tried and failed.. then it’s time to take out the secret weapon – food.  You can start giving him a couple of treats.. and start washing him little by little. The food will keep the Dog wanting for more, while you can finish cleaning him 😉


If your Dog has a special condition about not being able to give him a bath, please leave a comment and we will try to help.

Thank for reading!

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