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Quick Dog Training Tips

Short and Sweet points in mind when training your dog

Who doesn’t want a well trained dog. It’s almost like being a parent and desiring your child to be well educated 🙂 Dog training can be hard at times, and taking professional help is usually a good idea – but not everyone can afford that.

Dog training is a very exhaustive topic, so for this article we are keeping it short and sweet, and will mention some key points that you must keep in mind.

Your attitude – You are your dog’s world. The attitude that you present matters a lot to him, and in turn affects his attitude too. You have to keep in mind that every training day is not going to be the same, so try and be positive and encourage your dog. Do not get mad at your dog, else this can confuse your dog – he actually doesn’t understand what/why is this training. Always end the training on a positive note, you want the dog to remember that these sessions are not going to be negative.

Rewards – Whenever your dog achieves a small goal, he must be rewarded. He needs to know that he did well. You must reward the dog seconds after the achievement, otherwise he might know why exactly was he treated. If the task at hand is hard, you can consider giving him “high” value treats.  Also be sure to praise him too 🙂

Consistency – Consistency is the key, not only with the dog training but with every goal in life. If you start one day with enthusiasm, and get lazy for the next 2 weeks, it’s all going to be a waste. You have to be regular in training so the dog can remember and practice what he is learning.

Train on an Empty Stomach – This is a good idea healthwise, and moreover your dog is going to try harder to get the treats! If you just give him a full stomach and make his train, he’s going to be lazy and uninterested…

These are just the basic tips, we are in process to write more precise articles on how to train your dog. Check back soon!

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