Why do dogs lick us?

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Why Do dogs lick us?

Article to explain dog licking behavior

I, for one, feel really good when a little puppy shows his affection to me with gentle licks 🙂

Licking has been known as a way that dogs show their love and affection to us. But is your dog overdoing it? Is it getting just too much, and you can’t even touch him without his mouth and saliva getting in the way – “EVERYTIME”? If your dog is doing that, the following points might help to understand why…

1.) Affection – This is the most common reason why dog’s lick you. Have you ever seen a dog lick a person he does not like? No right. It’s his doggy way of showing his love. If it’s getting too much without any reason.. this probably means he has got this habit. To fix this, you’ve gotta get up and walk away whenever he overdoes it, so he understands this is not good. The point is to stop encouraging him.

2.) Communication – Strangely, dogs lick to communicate too.  If his licking behavior changes suddenly, look for any clues. Maybe he found something that he might be obsessed about (like a dead bird, lol), or maybe he feels ill, maybe he’s thirsty?

3.) Your skin tastes different – Dogs can lick anything. Don’t remind me what all i’ve seen my dog lick… It’s not that he finds your skin very tasty, but it does taste very different to him. He just loves to try new flavors – good or bad.

4.) Grooming/Healing – Dogs lick their puppies, they lick each other, they lick us, etc etc etc. Dog’s tongue contains anti-septic but be aware, his mouth is a NOT more cleaner than our human mouths. (Please don’t let your dog lick your face too much) A dog might lick you to take care of you, in a way to groom you or to heal you with his mouth. Cute, aren’t they 🙂

These are just the most common reasons, it can get extreme to psychological levels too. If you have a special situation, leave a comment below, or see a specialist.



  1. Carmen

    May 7, 2016 at 12:55 pm dog had this hyper habit of licking non-stop. I don’t know what should it do to stop him

  2. loldog

    May 7, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    They’re dog’s they jus lick lol, it’s normal!

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