Why Do Dogs Like To Sniff Each Others Butts So Much

The reason why dog sniff butts so much

Why Do Dogs Like To Sniff Each Others Butts So Much

Whenever i introduce or socialize my dog to another dog, it’s almost certain. They certainly are going to sniff each others butts. You probably have wondered about the reason sometimes. Let me tell you, dogs sniffing each others butts is like two humans introducing each other. Surprisingly, there’s is a lot more reasoning to it!

Most noteworthy, remember that a dog’s smelling power is around 10,000 to 100,000 more strong than ours. So there definitely is some reason why dogs do this. And no, it’s not because they like to sniff the poop. Let’s talks a bit more about the science in this behavior.

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The Scientific Reason

Ok folks,  get ready for this. When a dog tries to smell another dog’s butt, he essentially is reading a lot of information about him. This is a form of chemical communication that is not very uncommon in the animal kingdom. At the dog’s behind, there’s a small sack called the “anal sack”. This sack secretes chemicals, secreted by glands which dogs use to gather information. The two glands most responsible for this smell are –

  1. The Apocrine Gland
  2. Sebaceous Gland

The primary chemical compound that produces this scent is Trimethylamine, which in turn gives an odor of a very sharp acid. This smell is especially relevant to dogs and their hyper-sensitive noses, as mother nature has made them this way. A dog can interpret a lot of information by this smell, such as…

Information that can be interpreted by these secretions –

  • Diet
  • State of the immune system
  • Health

This actually is very impressive. Just imagine, though these animals cannot talk, but their smelling capacity is so strong that they don’t NEED to talk. Furthermore, they can study a lot details about the health and immune system  of the other dog.

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How exactly do dogs do it

Talking a bit more science, a dog’s nose has a secondary olfactory system – called the Jacobson’s Organ. This organ specializes in chemical communication and interpretation. The scent picked up by this organ travels directly to the brain. So, this way the smell of the poop does not cloud the interpretation of the chemical secretions. In fact, the same phenomenon is used when a dog smells another dog’s urine.

It’s almost like a super power!

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