Foods Poisonous to Dogs: Quick and Easy List

Poisonous food for dogs

Foods Poisonous To Dogs

Find What foods Are Toxic for Your Pooch

Are you are aware that a lot of that simple and natural looking food is almost poisonous to your dog? Well, i do understand that while you’re having food, and your doggy looks at you with those big puppy eyes… it probably tempts you to share some. I highly recommend you to please think it over well.

Here is a list of common foods that can be poisonous for your dog :

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1.) Candy and Baked type food sweetened with XYLITOL

food sweetened with XYLITOL

Food sweetened with XYLITOL

Some foods are sweetened with Xylitol. Some common examples include Candy, Gum, Baked Goods, etc. It’s always a good idea to check the ingredients before giving it to the dog. Xylitol causes your dog’s blood sugar to drop tremendously, and if given in greater quantities, can furthermore cause actual Liver damage! Usually, the back of the food packs write if they include Xylitol.

2.) Avocado



While a lot of people believe that natural food is good for dogs, it might not be entirely true. Some natural foods like Avocado can have a bad effect on dogs. Avocados contain a substance called Persin. This substance when rather given in large quantities can be poisonous to dogs. It’s especially relevant to mention, if you have an Avocado plant, please keep your dogs away from it. As Persin is present in leaves, bark, seeds and the avocado fruit itself.

3.) Onions and Garlic

Onions and Garlic

Onions and Garlic

I’ve had a friend once who told me “Hey, my dog eats a lot of onions and which is why she never gets fleas!”. Later, he found, that caused the poor dog anemia. Onions and Garlic, though are fine in rare occasions. But should be avoided as a part of a regular diet. Any form of these food is bad, including raw, cooked or powdered.

4.) Caffeine Sources (Eg. Coffee, Chocolates, energy drinks, etc)

Caffeine Sources

Caffeine Sources

Come on guys, i know you treat your dog like a baby, but he’s just not a human being! Caffeine foods like Coffee, Tea, Chocolates and Energy Drinks can be almost deadly for your dog. How about buy some chew toys and use them instead.

5.) Milk and Other Dairy Products



Did you know that most dogs (adults) are lactose intolerant? This is almost like giving a lactose intolerant person a nice warm glass of cow milk. This can probably cause your dog digestion problems, or possibly diarrhea. I know it can get tempting when your dog looks at that ice-cream… but there are so many other things you can feed your dog.

6.) Peaches, Plums and Persimmons

Peaches, Plums and Persimmons

Peaches, Plums and Persimmons

Though the actual fruit is harmless to dogs, the seeds or the pits are the danger.  The pits from peach and plum contain Cyanide (a form of poison itself), and is often consumed mistakenly by dogs. In a similar way, seeds from Persimmons are not good either. They are not well digested by dogs, and may cause a problem in the small intestine.

7.) Grapes and Raisins



This seems like a nice and easy idea for dog treats. But please don’t do it. I’ve seen cases where Grapes and Raisins on a regular basis has caused Kidney failures in dogs. Even small doses may start vomit in dogs. Check a list of healthy dog food here.

8.) Salty Food

Salty Food - Popcorn

Salty Food – Popcorn

Dogs, in their natural way do not consume as much salt as we humans do. Therefore, giving them salty food like salted potato chips, or snacks are a bad idea. Consequently, this can cause Sodium Ion Poisoning, and can make your dog desperately thirsty. Furthermore, salt in excess quantities can even be fatal. No salts please.

9.) Sugary Foods

Sugary Food

Sugary Food

Though this is not as fatal as salty food, but this can cause obesity. Much as the same way it works for humans too. Problems might lead to the teeth, or even diabetes.

10.) Alcohol



A rather silly addition to the list. But i’ve seen some people mix a bit on the dog’s water bowl on Christmas. It’s almost childish to do this, please avoid. Alcohol acts almost the same way as it acts on humans. The difference here is the intensity, and this will have a much greater effect on dogs. As a result, your dog might have vomiting, diarrhea, or other stomach related problems.

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