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Health Benefits to get a Dog

health benefits of a dog

Health Benefits to get a Dog

Thinking about getting a dog?

These reasons might impress you!

Dogs – Though they are outsiders, they accept you as their own, and show you what a trusting heart can be like. A lot of people buy/adopt dogs for reasons to escape boredom, to have a companion, to bring more joy to their house, etc. But there is a great lot more to it. Below are some health points that will impress you –


1.) They can benefit your heart – This reason can surprise you. The guys at American Heart Association found that having a dog could actually reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Easy health yeah? Just get a nice doggy in your house, and your risk of heart diseases decreases dramatically!

2.) They can detect cancer – Did you know that your doggy is a cancer sniffing expert? Researchers have found that most dogs can detect breast and lung cancer. They can even be dogs could be trained to detect biomarkers in the urine of those with prostate cancer.  Remember that a dog’s sniffing power is nearly a million times stronger than ours, and they are known to smell out bombs and drugs.

3.) They lower stress levels – Do you realize how your face lightens up when you are greeted by your pooch when you get home? Even the worsts of the days can bring a smile on your face 🙂 – that’s how incredible dogs are! Simple activities can increase levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin in your brain, and lower production of cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone.

4.) They protect children from skin conditions and allergies – It has been found that kids who grew up with dogs have a lower risk of developing eczema, than those kids who grew up with no dogs at all. Isn’t that great 🙂

5.) They lower your blood pressure – A study from the American Heart Association found that when pet owners get support from their furry friends, it helps to lower blood pressure brought by mental stress. Aha.. you don’t have to visit a doctor for blood pressure – get a dog!

6.) Boosting your immune system – It has been found that people who have dogs in their homes get sick much less often than the ones without dogs. You see, you’ve got a fluffy medical pack right there in your home!

7.) They help you recover – People with dogs are seen to recover much quicker than people without dogs.

8.) Detecting life-threatening issues – Besides detecting cancer,  dogs can also be trained to detect seizure in humans.

Get a dog today.. it’s might more than just having another member in your family. Dogs are amazing animals!

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