Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics and Temprament

Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics

Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics and Temprament

The Jack Russell Terrier is an active little dog, primarily developed to hunt foxes around 200 years back. This breed is named after the man – Parson John Russel. Commonly called “Jack” by his friends. He wanted a dog that was agile, swift, smart, and in addition, a desire to hunt. As a result we have this amazing dog today.

Since the end of World War 2, hunting dogs started domesticating. Though the dog is short and little, it yet carries it’s hunting instincts. They are quick and extremely alert dogs.

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Jack Russell Terrier needs spaceThey need space – While this breed looks like a short and tiny dog.. they need a good amount of space. Let’s go back to it’s olden days and remember, this was a hunting dog. It loves to run, and enjoys being active. Keeping this breed in a small apartment might not be the best idea. However, they do well in houses with a lot of open space and gardens.

They especially HATE cats – Ok now. This point is fairly controversial and you might say “hey, all dogs hate cats”. But i’ve never seen any other breed hate those feline kitties as much as these little hunters do. As a result, the point to note here is that if you keep a cat too… and are planning to get a Terrier, you might have a hard time.

Jack Russell Terrier needs trainingCompatibility with other animals – Besides hating cats, you’ll find Jack chasing other smaller animals, and other dogs, a lot. Point to note here is, you’ll need to socialize this breed since he’s a little puppy… and please take care of the leash when there are other animals around.

They NEED training – There is a reason why this breed is a favorite of horse owners and dog sport enthusiasts. Besides having a small and agile body, they carry a stunning personality and high energy. They need to be trained properly since puppies. If you don’t train the Jack Russell Terrier properly, they will find some or the other way to exhibit their energy. For example, chewing everything they find 😐 Take this breed only if you can give a dedicated commitment to it’s training.

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They love digging – Much like the other Terriers, they too enjoy digging a hole in the ground. You’ll probably find a lot of holes in your garden if you have a Terrier around.. and they dig fast!

Separation anxiety – They are not the dogs to leave alone for too long. If left for too long, they get anxious quickly and may start barking like nuts and breaking household items. If you live alone, and stay all day atThey jump high office – this is not the dog for you.

They Jump a lot – They usually have a habit of jumping on their humans a lot. They can jump upto 5 feet.

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As you can see, this breed is not for people who can’t give too much time to them. They really need a lot of attention, care and training. In most cases, they give a hard time to first time dog owners. Besides that if you know what you’re doing, the Jack is a very jolly fellow. He’s fun to be around, and makes a great addition to a family which is ready to accept him as he is. This dog is a runner, a worker, a dedicated pack member, and can smash goals if taught properly.

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