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Loud Sounds – How it effects dogs

effect of loud sounds on dogs

The Effect Of Loud Sounds on Dogs

Understanding Loud Sounds, and how to protect your dog from it

A dog’s ear is very sensitive to loud sounds, and noise. You can check more interesting fact about dogs here. Dogs detect sounds in the frequency range of approximately 67 – 45,000 Hz (varies from breed to breed), compared to humans with the approximate range of 64 – 23,000 Hz. This enables a dog to hear extremely well, and the dog is able to hear sound that are not even audible to us humans.

If a high pitched sound or a whistle can trouble you, think about how your dog might feel about the annoying sound.

As a dog owner, you should consider this as your duty to understand this point, as sometimes it can make your dog act frustrated, and might even damage your dog’s hearing. Following is a list of the most annoying sounds for dogs –

  • High Frequency Tones (like high frequency whistles)
  • Firework
  • Thunder
  • Wild animal growls and howls
  • Emergency Vehicle sound (like police, ambulance, or fire engine sirens)
  • Gun shots

In a study, it was found that hunting dogs who hear gunshots a lot had a significant decrease in their hearing power as compared to the usual dog.

How to protect your dog from loud sound

Ways to protect your dog’s hearing – Sometimes we are in a situation where you cannot stop the loud sound. Like your neighbors celebrating something with firecrackers, or fire siren near your house. We will share some tips that might come in handy –

  • You could use some dog ear plugs. There are plenty on Amazon
  • Play some simple sound to distract the repetitive loud sound (like a slow song on the radio or the television). This might sound silly, but i had a dog once that used to get hyper with lightning strikes. And this trick is personally proven and verified by me!
  • Close the doors and windows, so that the sound does not have such a strong affect.

Ultimately, it will depend of your dog’s nature as well. There are some dogs that are hyper sensitive to some sounds, and some who are pretty cool with it. What exactly is your dog’s nature is something you must find out. For example, my dog was very phobic to lightning sounds, but was completely cool when i played the guitar or the piano.

Also, there will be times when you won’t be able to stop the sound’s intensity. If such a extreme situation arises, and your dog goes nuts about it, do the ultimate solution – Just take the dog away from there.

We hope this was helpful, and please leave a comment if you have any questions!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

PS – Here is a nice song that i used to play when my doggy used to get crazy when listening to thunder


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