How Much to Feed Your Dog

how often to feed my dog

How Much To Feed Dog or Puppy

And How Often To Feed Them

So, you’re wondering how much to feed your dog or puppy. We all are aware that dog’s love to eat. Though you might feel drives to feed your dog more and more.. out of love or care. Or you may just enjoy watching him eat… overfeeding your dog is never a healthy practice. Some people keep their dog’s bowl full of food, and let the dog decide what is enough. This causes your pet to gaining weight, and makes his vulnerable to related diseases – this is not good.

The bag of dog food you buy usually describes how much to feed. Though this information is usually precise, your dog may have special needs. Dogs who have a very active lifestyle (like Shepherd Dogs who burn more calories), pregnant dogs or dogs with special medical needs may have different requirements. As a dog owner, you must keep these things in mind.

For Adult Dogs:

An adult healthy dog can live happily with two meals a day. A good idea is to give two-thirds of the meal in the morning, and the remaining part during night. Dogs usually get sleepy after they eat (yes, we humans too), so this is a good idea for dogs who have to stay alone during the day time. So they can sleep peacefully for a longer time during the day, and you’ll get to spend good times with him when you come back. We have an article on taking care of a puppy while at work. If you work on a night job, you can reverse this strategy, and give the bigger portion of food at night – when you leave for work.

For Puppies:

Puppies on the other hand, have different food needs. They generally need to be fed three or four times a day.. but in smaller quantities, dispersed.  The breed of dog, the age may also have their special requirements.

Here is an article that describe the best natural food for dogs : Healthy Food For Dogs

Tip: Avoid feeding dairy products to an adult dog, as they are generally lactose intolerant. However, a bit here and there won’t bother that much. Do keep in mind that the flavor does not contain ingredients that can harm your pet (example, chocolates, most nuts and raisins)

If you’re looking for some natural supplementary food for your dog, read: Supplementary Food and Natural Medicines for dogs

Besides that, you should keep your dog’s water bowl filled at all times. Dogs usually regulate their own intake. Dogs usually drink an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily.

Should you give dogs treats?

The answer is yes! Who doesn’t love being rewarded? Dogs are great animals and they deserve it. Every now and then, if your pet shows good behavior you must reward him with a treat. Some people believe that giving any food other than regular meals is like spoiling his eating habits. This may be true if you’re overdoing it. Make sure your provide small quantities… that’s why it is called a treat and not meal.

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