How to Photograph your Dog Properly

Photograph your dog properly

Tips on perfect doggy pics

So, you want to take a nice photograph of your dog, but he/she is as usual doing the usual doggy things… Meh, it can get hectic sometimes. Remember, dogs don’t know what the hell is a camera or what you’re upto lol.. so you’ll have to be the smart human and adjust the situation for a clean snap!

Below i will share some neat tricks that you can use to put your little loved one in a position, so you can record a nice memory with a pic!

Try to kneel down to your dog’s level – Your doggy might be distracted when you’re taking the snap from up there. If it suits the snap, kneel down and take the picture from a dog’s point of view.

Take a picture when he’s not aware – A natural picture is the best (that’s what photographers say).  Maybe you can set a timer on a camera on a suitable location, or you could zoom in from a distance so he doesn’t know you’re near.

Think of an activity that he can’t resist – The idea here is to get his attention, so you can take a nice snap. The activity can be anything you usually do, like fetching a ball. You can even invent something like introducing him to a new box of carton, or a new toy that he’d like to ‘dog’ with!

The treat trick – If you want a simple shot, try to put a treat on your camera and take the picture. Your dog’s eyes will be at the camera 😉

We do hope that you will be able to take a nice picture! If you’d like us to share your dog’s pic on our social media or on our blog (for free!) please write to us and it’ll be our pleasure 🙂


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