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Popular Myths about Dogs

popular myths about dogs

Popular Myths About Dogs

Top myths about dogs, and the facts

Myths about dogs can cause you to misunderstand a situation. We have no idea how these myths started, but we can help you understand them. In this post we will explain the top 7 myths about dogs, and the facts behind them.

1.) A dry dog nose means he’s sick – This is completely not true. I remember many dog owners claiming to say “if a dog’s nose is dry, he is not well, you should apply petroleum jelly on there”. I never understood how petroleum jelly on the nose could cure him. But, dogs sometimes do have dry noses – and this does not necessarily mean that they are sick. If you find that your dog’s behavior is changing, or if you see any visible signs of sickness, please visit a vet.

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2.) You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – I have seen this one proved wrong again and again. If you have an old dog, don’t worry, he is good enough to learn something new! Some people think that an old dog is like an old grandpa, who won’t learn at all. Though an old dog might not be as active and sporty as a puppy, but he can still be taught well to an extent. Don’t give up trying 🙂

3.) Dogs normally age 7 years for each human year – Ok this point may not be a very good topic to discuss, but here is the fact. Dogs grow very fast during their young days, but this rate actually decreases when they grow up. Infact, every dog ages differently. It’s more of a breed thing. Here is a more precise explanation by Cesar

4.) Dogs are color blind – Though dog’s do not see colors as vividly as us human, but they are not color blind. They definitely do not see just in black and white. Recent studies have revealed that dogs see more of yellows. blues and violets; due to the cones of a dog’s retina.  Note that this has a positive effect in some cases.. a dog’s vision is much better than humans in the dark. Some scientists believe that this is due to an evolutionary change, as dogs were primarily wild animals and used this power to hunt during night. Our friends at Live Science have an article about this.

5.) Female dogs should give birth once before spaying – Some believe that a female dog ought to give birth once before spaying; otherwise it can give health problems. I remember a friend who believed in this, and waited for the female dog to deliver once. But i also have known a lot of people who have healthy dogs who have underwent spaying at a younger age. According to studies, this does not have any bad effect on a dog’s health. Infact, spaying can reduce risks of uterine infections and breast cancer.

6.) Crossbred dogs are healthier than purebred – This is very strange belief. If you think this is true, please stop believing this and go for the dog that you really want. There has never been an evidence about this, and every dog is special in it’s own way. They have their own personalities and their lifestyles.

7.) A dog wagging it’s tail is a sign of happiness – This myth can be misleading and can get you into danger. Please note – a dog’s wagging tail does not mean that he is happy/friendly. A wagging tail is a sign of excitement.  I’ve seen people get bitten by dogs by following this myth.  Instead of looking at the tail for a positive sign, look at the dog’s body language..which actually tells a lot more.

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