Smartest 10 Dog Breeds

intelligent dog breeds

Smartest Dog Breeds

Here is a list of the most intelligent dogs, in increasing order (the smartest being the number 1)

Though there are 10 different dogs mentioned, it does not make any of these dogs “less” smart than the usual dog. Each dog in this list is one the the smartest dog on the planet 🙂

10.) Australian Cattle Dog – Originally bred in the 1800s, this doggy excels in handling cattle. They have extremely quick reflexes, and have a specially frisk speed of bite. They love to run, as they were bred to specifically train with with cattle. If you get this dog, you really need to meet his physical and training needs, otherwise he will drive you nuts.

9.) Rottweiler – This breed has probably the nastiest reputation, they are even banned in some town in the US. The major reason why this dog can be so aggressive –  is lack of love and training. These are smart dog, can be well trained, and have strong physical abilities. If you lock them down in a room, and just give them food and water – you will make a ferocious monster. These dogs need good training, need attention, and need to be told what to protect, and what not to protect.

8.) The Doberman – Dobermans have a reputation of being scary dogs, right from Hollywood movies to their appearance.  This dog was bred and developed to make the perfect Watch-Dog. Inspite of it’s reputation, Dobermans are loyal to their masters and their pack, and can be easily trained.

7.) Papillon – They are cute dogs, with butterfly like ears. It’s name comes from the French word “Papillon”, which actually means the Butterfly. These intelligent dogs were often exchanged as gifts of Royalty back in the days. The Papillon has a very good focus and concentration, which makes it so easy to train.

6.) Labrador Retriever – They are a very popular dog breed, who originally came from New Foundland. This dog is a close family member of the Golden Retriever, and also loves to run and swim. Their name comes from the sea they worked in – “Labrador Sea”. This dog is a sprinter, and is able to hit speeds of 12 Miles/hr… in 3 seconds! If you’re planning on getting a Lab, be prepared for the naughtiest puppies out there.

5.) Shetland Sheepdog – As the name says, this dog is a very good Shepard. They can be trained fast, they live fairly long (14 – 16 years), and are one of the most obedient dogs around.

4.) Golden Retriever – This beautiful dog is also a very intelligent breed. Often named as the perfect family dog. This dog has the “love for the water”, and the “desire to retrieve”. They are ready to please their owners, and are considered very obedient.

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3.) German Shepard – Here is a name that should not surprise you. This dog is the first choice for being Police Dogs. It is said that they count over 8000 in number as deputy dogs. They are extremely loyal, and will not hesitate to take the bullet for you.  The German Shepard is soft at heart, but they are very protective to whom they consider their “pack”… outsiders, beware 😉

2.) The Poodle –  Surprised to see this name? The poodle in this generation has a reputation of being pets of rich women with fluffy scarves.. but did you know the Poodle was originally a hunting dog from Northern Europe? The name Poodle comes from the word “Puddle”, these dogs actually are water retrievers. These dogs make incredible watchdogs, and are highly intelligent and are an ideal choice for service dogs.

1.) Border Collie – Without question, this IS the most intelligent and smartest dog on the planet. These dogs are can be highly trained, and can be considered as the “rocket-scientists” among dogs 😉 Now, this intelligence comes with a drawback (and it can be a BIG drawback). Because of it’s highly capable brain power, this dog needs to be trained. If not trained and worked with them, they will drive you nuts, and they usually start destroying household stuff. Their breed is named from the border region of England and Scotland and were kept as Shepherd Dogs, in which they flawlessly excel at! This dog also is literally a born athelite … and has muscular legs that are designed for speed and stamina. Talk about being smart, AND strong. Phew!

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