Barking too much

my is dog barking too much

Is your Dog barking too much?

We will share some cool tips to stop the barking, and to understand “why” he’s barking!

Dogs are cute animals. But is your cute animal barking so much that you just want to tie his mouth with a rubberband? I’ve seen people beat up their dog, punish the dog, and put an electric collar on their necks … well, please don’t do that, we can help you out without hurting your dog ­čÖé

Let’s look at the possibilities why he might be barking on the first place…

The┬áfirst thing to do, is to realize that you’re a human being, and the dog is an animal. He can’t think like you do. Don’t get upset on him, because there most likely is a valid reason for this behavior. The dog probably┬áis trying to communicate something with you.

How would you feel when someone is trying to talk with you, and you keep getting upset without even listening!

Reason 1 – Danger

Dogs are usually very protective for their territory, their families and whom they consider their “pack”. Your Dog might be barking because he considers something as a danger. This might or might not be dangerous after-all, but according to him ┬áit is. It might be a sound he heard, a mouse he saw, another dog, or anything else. Hence what he does… BARK!

Now you come along, and you shout back at him. He thinks that “hey my human and i are gonna beat this together”. He is merely mirroring the energy you are expressing. Ultimately he starts barking more :/ .. don’t do that.

What you need to do is, to try and identify the cause, go check it out, and assure the dog that “all is clear”. If you’re not sure what it is, make a guess, or walk where he is pointing to… come back and say something in a calm and assuring manner. This should stop the ‘danger’ barking. If he still persists, repeat.

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Reason 2 –┬áLeaving him alone for long

Leaving you dog alone for prolonged periods of time is a very bad thing. This will make your dog anxious, will make him bark too much, and also might make his destroy household stuff.

Your dog feels responsible for you and the house, this is the reason he is worried and barking. Try not to leave him alone for too long.

But if you don’t have a choice, here is the right thing to do. You have to give the impression, that you are handling everything, you are in charge. When you leave home, just leave in a relaxed way, without touching your dog.

You might feel this is a little harsh, but it works, it’s just like a psychology therapy for a dog.

And when you come back, do the same. Walk right in with ease, don’t touch him. (well you can go in, and come right back out and touch him then ­čśë )

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Reason 3 – Over excitement

This is an important reason too. Have you noted when Children are very excited, they start to scream and shout? This is very similar to how you dog is expressing this excitement – by barking. Again, shouting at his is not going to work.

The way you can fix this is, using a special position that you can use on the dog. It’s called the “calm grip”. ┬áHere are the steps –

  • Get down to your dog’s level
  • With one hand hold the collar
  • With the other hand take your dog’s chin by your palm, the dog facing upwards
  • Stay like this for a few seconds, and be calm

This will calm your dog down, as this changes the dog’s concentration in what he was doing or thinking.

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