Supplementary Food and Natural Medicine for Dogs

supplement and natural medicine for dogs

Best Supplementary Food/Medicine for Dogs

We will talk about some extra additions to your dog’s food. Read on…

Supplementary foods are not really essential for your dog’s health, but can be really good for your dog in the long run. Please note, that we’re not discussing any artificial food, but forms of natural food that can be added to your dog’s regular diet.

You should consider supplementary food for the following two major reasons –

  1. If your dog is having a particular health issue, and you’re giving a particular supplement as a cure.
  2. For general purposes, and overall health (*for this purpose we recommend to not stick to just one supplement, but keep the different kinds rotating, and give it just occasionally*)

Following are the major categories of the supplements you may consider –

1.) Omega 3 Fatty acid supplements – If your puppy/dog has a skin allergy, or excessive scratching, this will be a helpful. Good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are Fish and salmon oils. Dogs usually love fishy food, so it shouldn’t be hard to add. If your dog is refusing, you need to find a way to prepare the fish to his liking..or look at any alternative ways. We’ve talked with many vets, and it is their recommended for for itchy skin. Feeding your dog Fish is known to greatly reduce inflammation.

2.) Goldenseal – If you haven’t heard of it, this is a herb. If your dog is having watery eyes, for prolonged periods, and it does not not seem normal then you should try this. This herb is a powerful antibiotic, and will reduce harmful bacteria from your dog’s body.

3.) Sunflower Oil – This supplement is also good for the skin (as point 1), but this will particularly make your dog’s coat clean and shiny! You may add a teaspoon on sunflower oil to your dog food. Or if your dog is very big, you can consider one tablespoon. If you use dry dog food, the oil will actually make your dog like the food more 🙂

4.) Aloe Vera – This is truly a magical plant. It’s used extensively to make medicines, and natural remedies for humans and animals. It has a history of being a medicine since ancient times, where people used it to cure stomach and skin remedies. Well, this can be used for your pooch too. For digestion, you can add a little pulp to his food. Or it can be used externally for your dog’s burnt skin.

5.)  Ginger – Ginger is one of the spices that can cure an upset tummy. It also has been used for centuries for it’s medicinal values. Ginger can be given to your dog in a tea or tincture form.

6.) Milk Thistle – The can improve your dog’s digestion, and functioning of liver. Your vet probably will recommend this if your dog has been given strong medications, which affect the liver sometimes.

7.) Valerian, Chamomile and California Poppy  – The combination of these 3 can be provided to your dog in the form of tea or tincture. This is usually used to help with Asthma and blood pressure.

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We hope that this article was informative. This post is meant for general purposes and natural mild treatments. Though the information provided here is checked and verified, if your dog is in any serious condition please see a  vet, as diseases may apply different for different dogs.

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