Teach Your Dog To Come to you

Make dog come to you

How to teach your dog to come to you

Would you like yo teach your dog to come running to you every time you want to?

Have you been in  a situation where you go out somewhere, and you want your dog to come to you.. but he’s in his own dog-land? It can get a little frustrating sometimes, when you can’t get a hold of your dog.. especially when you’re getting late, or might be an emergency!

When i first though about applying this trick, i thought it would be hard – it’s not. This is one of the most easiest and natural tricks you can teach your dog. The advantages that you will get with this trick are –

  • You don’t have to put your dog on leash too much
  • It might save time
  • Less efforts to find your furry friend
  • Better control

I’ve actually seen some dog owners wanting to get a hold of their dog, and running around in circles. It can get frustrating sometimes (though it’s always funny for the others).

This trick or training, whatever you’d like to call, is very effective but requires time and patience. So please pay good attention, and take it easy, just the way a good human should be with his dog 🙂

The Key Points

Following are some key points that you should consider while teaching this trick –

  1. His Past Learning  – Dogs are quite intelligent creatures, some will surprise you. Keeping that in mind, whenever you had called him, and put him on a leash or done something that he’s not happy about.. then there you have a problem. He’s gonna think that you’ll do the same little thing again, and off he will go.
    Solution – This will take time since he has already made up his mind. If you want to change this, you have to temporarily stop whatever it is that bothers him. And gain his trust, by your actions. SO, whenever you call him, don’t repeat doing what he’s scared you’ll do.
  2. Choosing the call key – By the call key, we mean – a whistle, a word, a phrase or something similar. This will be the signal which will make your dog leave whatever he’s doing and come running to you. Chose it wisely, and make it unique so that your doggy can identify it properly.
  3. Body Language – Your body language or the tone in which you call matters a lot. Imagine when you say “what” to someone in a positive manner, or in an aggressive manner. There can be a huge difference in them, and dogs can identify body language just as well as humans do. Whenever you use the recall key, make sure that it is said or done in the right and positive way.
  4. Your relationship with him – How is your relationship with your dog? This is one important factor that will not only decide if this trick will apply or not.. but will decide his overall attitude towards you. If this is an area where you’re lacking, please work on it. Remember that dogs are social animals, and they always follow their pack leaders as instinct.
  5. Overdoing – How often are you using this trick? If you are overdoing it by calling him all the time even for unnecessary things, like showing it to the neighbor’s daughter 5 times a day. This will make your dog lose trust in you – don’t overdo this.
  6. Rewarding – This is by far the most important point here. If using your call key is giving him reward, then he will listen to it with soul. I say this not only for using the call key, but also rewarding him in general. Rewarding him in general and deserving situation is important. This will make his have faith and trust in you, and have him look up to you always.

Hope you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment if you have any questions!

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