How To Teach a Dog To Play Fetch

teach dog to fetch

Teach a Dog to Play Fetch

Teaching a dog to play fetch is probably one of the most common exercises for your dog. Your dog definitely needs some exercises, depending on the breed. Having that said, i’ve had a few dogs that were more difficult to train, opposite to others. While some breeds are more difficult to train than others, the nature of each individual dog matters too. Check the most intelligent breeds here.

Your dog is probably very much into running after the ball/toy already… but many a times they don’t give it back. Ok, this can be hilarious. Maybe not. Especially when you’re determined to train your dog, this can probably piss you off. Also, when you try to take away the toy from him, he might pull it back. First of all, don’t take this personally. The dog is just a sweet animal, and this probably is his way of playing. Every training process is never easy, so please avoid getting angry on your dog. Anger has never solved anything, and will not solve today either.

If you get angry and show aggression, you are simply confusing the dog.

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Let’s walk through the steps to do this correctly.

Steps to teach a dog to play Fetch

  1. Choose the ideal toy – While dogs are animals, they still have their personal liking.  Just like your kid might prefer playing with a superman rather than paper planes. Your dog might prefer fetching a fluffy toy rather than a ball. Some dogs, probably are ok with any toy too! Just a matter of personal preference , so identify what makes your dog all excited
  2. Throw the toy – An easy step. When your doggy sees you throwing something, he most likely should just run after it like crazy. If he still doesn’t get it, try and shake the toy a bit and get him started. In that start, try not to throw too far as the dog might run somewhere away and you’ll spend more time in getting him back.
  3. Getting the toy back – Now. When the dog has grabbed the toy, he is going to feel an achievement and should stop charging. At this time, you can call his name so he comes back to you. You should teach him a command such as “drop” or “let go” to drop the toy. Initially you can try and take it away from him, so he understands that he needs to drop it.
  4. IF he does not give the toy back, or does not come to you – This is the hard part during start. It’s noteworthy to understand, that dogs will not understand your commands in the beginning. It’s like teaching your child mathematics. The solution here is simple – food. In the case when your dog does not come to you, or does not follow the “drop” command, you can use a treat. You can wave the treat to him, he will come back 🙂 . When he comes back to you, you must continue to use the “drop” command so he can relate that word to what you mean. If he still does not drop, you can maybe hold the treat close to his nose.
  5. Repetition – Training a dog is not always easy. Your dog is not going to learn in just one day, it can even take a few weeks. We suggest you fix a time to train your dog, and work on it. It’s almost like teaching your kid mathematics. You have to be regular and positive in your attitude when you training.

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Following these steps will definitely teach your dog to play fetch. It’s also a good idea to reward your dog when responds to your command.

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