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Travelling With Dogs: Easy Tips to Keep in Mind

travelling with dogs

Travelling With Dogs

So, you’re planning on a trip? And troubled thinking whether it’s a good idea travelling with dogs? First of all, dogs are an essential part of the family. Who doesn’t want to add in more flavor and fun to a holiday (and a little wuf)! Moreover, several American hotels welcome animals, and have special arrangements for them! Because of this – travelling with dogs is much more easier and convenient now. I highly recommend that if you’re planning on lodging, you must call and ask for any such provisions.

Things to consider when planning a trip with dogs

Rather than just barging into some crazy plan, and involving your dog with it – you must think it through. Remember, dogs are not humans. There are certain things that are not fit for them as it is for human. Besides that, will the trip be as fun for the dog, as it might for you? Let’s discuss them point by point below ūüôā

Is your Dog healthy enough to travel?

This is probably the most important question you should ask yourself.  If your dog has any kind of health issues,  physical injuries, or depression Рtravelling is a bad idea.

An elderly dog on the other hand, may share some of the above vulnerabilities. But they cannot walk or run for longer distances. As such, it’s also not a good idea to lock the dog in a room for hours while you’re away having fun.

In addition to that, consider the age of your dog. Is it a little puppy, or an elderly dog? A puppy requires¬†constant attention, and needs protection from small incidents like –

  • Tripping down
  • Possibility of being stolen
  • Getting hurt from another dog, animal or object
  • Eating something that should not be eaten

If you feel the above points are contradictory, consider leaving your dog with a friend or family who can responsibly take care.

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Is your Dog going to behave?

This is more of a personal kind of a question.¬†Because of improper training, and unsocial behavior, your dog can make others uncomfortable.¬†This possibility is greatly reduced by proper training, and socializing your dog (preferably since a young age). You don’t want your dog to be licking everyone he sees, ¬†smelling everyone’s pants, or just running like wildfire.

unbehaved dog while travelling

Note that everybody is not an animal lover like us. Moreover, some people feel threatened and scared of dogs too – please keep in mind ūüôā

Is the Dog going to enjoy the trip?

It’s noteworthy to examine what kind of the trip is it going to be, and how much time are you going to spend there.¬†If it’s a beach, then probably a Golden Retriever is going to have fun.¬†Is your dog a water lover, or is a snow-dog (like the Malamute), which cannot sustain too much heat. It’s not fair to chain your dog down at some place, while you’re away for hours. It’s best if you plan a trip where everyone can enjoy!

Places like private vacation spots and family reunions are just a few of some great ideas.

Tips for Road Trips with Dogs

Following are some tips that you should keep in mind, when driving a car or on a bus –

Road trip with dog

  • Using a crate here is a good idea. The crate will not distract you when driving. And even if you’re on a bus, a crate is useful so the dog stays at a place.
  • Don’t leave your dog alone for too long – this creates anxiety. If the temperature is too hot, it¬†is possible the dog can get dehydration or even a heatstroke.
  • Don’t feed your dog too much before the trip. Feed your dog earlier instead. You can give some healthy snacks at intervals, if required.
  • If possible, take the dog out from the crate at intervals, and take a few minutes of walk.
  • If your dog has car-sickness, consult your vet first. A natural remedy is ginger capsules.

Tips for Airplane travel with Dogs

This is usually an uncomfortable journey. And it’s best if the journey is short – long trips are not recommended. Your dog most likely will be travelling in a crate here. But first of all, please call the airlines and be familiar with their rules and regulations. I really cannot comment too much here, and each airlines have different rules. Some airlines require a health certificate, and other medical certificates – please check.

What you should carry for your dog while travelling

Well, it really depends on what kind of a place you’re visiting. But it’s always a good idea to keep the following –

  • Your own dog food
  • Dog blanket (if it might get cold)
  • Dog’s favorites chew toys
  • A leash
  • Water (for the journey)

As you can see, there’s a lot of things to keep in mind. If after reading this article you feel you can take the dog – GO AHEAD! I really hope that you have a great time, and have fun!

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