Flat-faced dogs: Pugs and boxers – not recommended by Vets

flat-faced pug

Vets recommend not getting flat-faced dogs

Flat-faced dogs have become increasingly popular, much as the increase in city living and small space apartments.  These breeds, also known Brachycephalic dogs, noteworthy have health issues associated with them. While i’m sorry if these words make you uncomfortable, it’s important you that know the truth.

Also, we see pugs in TV advertisements and movies (like Frank the Pug in M.I.B 1997). I get it – they do have cute features. Their squishy little faces, without a snout, and coiled tails gives them their unique and special appearance.

The genetic reasons

Let’s get down to it.

The coiled tail – This is a genetic defect, and leads to a  high tendency to paralysis.

The squished nose and snout – Noteworthy, it’s a result of years of genetic breeding and, it makes it hard for the dog to breathe and eat. Taking a direct toll on cardiovascular stress, and overheating. As a result, the breed does not sweat too much, and need to expel the heat through panting – way too much panting.

Overweight tendencies – Additionally, the dogs have a high tendency to gain weight because of overheating and avoiding physical work.

Dental Crowding – This is rather common sense. With faces and heads squished, their teeth to grow abnormally leading to dental crowding. (Dental crowding is a condition when there’s not much room for the teeth to grow).

Soft-Palete Collapse – A condition where soft palate just sags down to the back of the tongue.

flat-faced pug dog

A Pug

Why some vets won’t speak about flat-faced dogs

As we know, dogs are more than just pets, they’re family. As a result, if a vet shoots the arrow of truth, this might not be very welcoming to the owner. Vet’s really need to be cautious about not hurting the feelings of the owner, else this will be just losing another client.

Moreover, the British Veterinary Organization have revealed their concerns too.

Is this an influence of the modern trend?

If you’re regular in the social media, you might have come across some viral cat celebrities. Some of them have as much as 9 million Facebook fans (eg. Grumpy Cat aka Tardar Sauce). Many of these feline celebrities have medical conditions, like Grumpy cat has cat dwarfism, which causes an under-bite and hence the famous grumpy look.

It seems this is what people in this generation like. Looking deformed is cute and unique.. and people would just buy such animals not realizing that they suffer a lot.

a flat-faced shih-tzu



At last, we cannot change the dog industry, we understand it is also a business rather than just having a loving pet. Demand fills the market, and on it goes..

I still feel Pugs, Boxers and other flat-faced dogs are cute, but the decision lies in your hands. These dogs were different some years back, before the severe genetic changes.

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